The Zaslow Institute of Jewish Learning was established to offer the Jewish community quality and high-leveled educational opportunities. Wherever you are holding in your Jewish education we welcome you to come learn at one of our classes.

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At the IJL no membership is required; all are welcome regardless of background or affiliation.

We are sure that your mind and soul will be stimulated and enriched by the knowledge of our great heritage.


Rabbi Hirshi Sputz

Executive Director


Rabbi Hirshi Sputz was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY as one of eight siblings. After completing his Rabbinical Studies and Ordination at the Central Chabad Yeshiva in New York, Rabbi Hirshi continued his Post-Ordination research in the Central Chabad Kollel, completing postgraduate studies in Jewish Law and Talmud.

As a young Rabbinical student, Rabbi Hirshi combined his leadership capabilities, friendly personality, and strong Jewish beliefs, to dedicate his life towards the dissemination of Judaism. Throughout his rabbinical schooling, he did extensive community outreach work which included adult education, holiday enrichment programs, and interned as a Rabbi helping to build communities far and near, from the USA to Australia. Hirshi acquired a reputation among his friends as a warm, fantastic teacher, leader and role model, in addition to a caring individual, with a focused mission in life.