Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the day to day guide to living a Jewish life. From the moment you open your eyes to the time you go to bed, from the celebrations of a wedding to the sorrows of mourning, from Shabbat to Yom Kippur, whether tying the Tefillin, taking a loan, or defining deceit in business, you will discover step by step simple and clear instructions how to live as a Jew.

INSTRUCTOR: Rabbi Hirshi Sputz
DATE: Sunday evening
TIME: 25 minute class between Mincha & Maariv, see below for mincha times.
LOCATION: Congregation Bnai Abraham 527 Lombard St.
FEE: $50 Book fee. Click here for Registration.

Notes: This class is preceded by Mincha and followed by Maariv.
Mincha Schedule (before the class):
Dec. 4:25, Jan. 4:35. Feb. 5:15. March 5:45. April 7:00. May 7:45. June & July 8:00. August 7:30.